Meeting Design + Facilitation

Having the right conversations at the right time is harder than it might seem.  

With so much business being conducted in meetings, it makes sense to ensure that your conversations happen efficiently--and more importantly--with the critical outcomes achieved.  Optimizing your meetings requires continuous improvement whether its fine tuning, re-designing, or reinventing what you are doing to adapt to current and future needs. 

Some gatherings benefit from a guiding hand from outside the organization to structure the time, keep strong personalities in a productive zone , and  facilitate consensus on key issues. We facilitate many kinds of meetings from Board of Directors meetings to small and large staff meetings.  Our approach is deeply collaborative.  We work closely with you and your team in the design, implementation, and in translating the outputs into actionable plans that make the most of the critical post-meeting period.

By allowing us to do the heavy lift of designing or running your meeting, you will be free to focus on what is happening in the meeting and participate fully in shaping the outcomes.