Leadership + Culture

Existing Leaders

The challenge for existing leaders is to maintain a growth mindset while executing day-to-day.   Navigating uncertainty, managing complexity, and the need to do more with less--year over year-- can crowd out the highest value your senior leaders offer.  

When leaders aren't contributing their highest value, they are vulnerable to low morale and burnout which reduces leadership contributions further and has a negative cascading effect in the business.  

Typical areas of focus for existing leadership development include:

  • Executive Presence

  • Executive Workflow

  • Problem Resolution

  • Team Development

  • Vision and Strategy Formulation

Emerging Leaders

For all organizations the talent pipeline is both a source of stress and a critical success factor. Providing relevant and effective programs for your high-potential leaders advances your employer brand, improves key retention, supports succession options, and drives bottom line results. Most importantly, a robust emerging tier can make the difference between accelerating or slowing down in the twists and turns of your business cycle.

Through a combination of education and coaching, we help you cultivate the capacity your organization needs from the ranks of your rising stars.  This is a highly collaborative process that provides a compelling experience for the contributors who are most important to the future of your business.


While developing your leaders is necessary for maintaining culture, you can accelerate the process and strengthen the culture by expanding the work to other levels of management and staff.  Casting a wider net reinforces accountability and professional growth while helping you identify future leaders.  

Strong cultures adapt to flatter organizational structures more successfully and handle change in ways that create opportunities.  We focus on helping your team members develop a capacity to enhance

  • Alignment and Buy-in

  • Internal Communications

  • Change

  • Innovation